STUDENTS – The Fall 2024 scholarship will be awarded in September.

Are you registered for the fall semester and still have a balance? If the answer is yes, you may be eligible for the ‘INTL Scholarship’. See the eligibility requirements below and submit your information at the following My Scholarship Central link – Front Page – Scholarship Central (myscholarshipcentral.org)

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Must have an outstanding balance
  • Full time student with no disciplinary infractions
  • There is no classification, course of study, or residency requirement.  Anyone who meets the above requirements may apply




To apply, please forward the following:

  • Proof of registration (Fall 2024 class schedule acceptable)
  • Transcript (Freshmen may use their high school transcript on school letterhead)
  • A copy of your Financial Award Letter (showing your outstanding balance)
  • One letter of recommendation from faculty member (high school teacher if incoming freshman)
  • A one page statement on why you deserve this award.
  • These documents should be scanned into a single PDF document and submitted to myscholarshipcentral.org  no later than September 8, 2024.

In your one page scholarship statement, you are strongly encouraged to discuss current school activities, recent awards/recognition’s, community service involvement as well as your future aspirations. If you are selected for this award, you must provide proof of your financial need.



The mission of INTL Scholarship is dedicated to providing educational financial planning and critical last minute financial assistance to students who must access the federal student loan program to complete their education.


Simply put, our vision is scholarship in action.  Having a firm commitment to increase graduation rates and decrease federal student loan debt among students who have last minute educational costs not covered by grants or other scholarship programs. Its Not Too Late Scholarship desire is to impact students by being a premier organization that is nationally recognized for assisting students with financial planning skills and assistance with their post-secondary educational goals.




INTL Scholarship was founded on three guiding principles: Service to students, Investment in education, and paying it Forward.

Service to Students – A strong and enduring commitment to actively participate in our community through impactful engagement with our students.

Investment in Education – Deliberate fundraising and philanthropy to assist diverse student segments with financial support in lieu of federal student loans.

Paying it Forward – Our total commitment to cover educational debt for those pursuing a college education.  We encourage recipients of the award to not only share the news about INTL Scholarship to others, but to themselves create future innovative opportunities for the next generation.




INTL Scholarship has set forth to achieve many goals and objectives of the organization to impact the success of colleges students graduating with very little or no debt.

To provide assistance with student tuition.

To provide assistance with room and board for students.

To provide assistance for other approved educational expenses.

To divert students from accessing the federal student loan program.

To encourage recipients to provide the same financial assistance to others in the future.